The great outdoors

I have always been an outdoors girl. My dad worked for the national park service and we lived in really cool places all over the western part of the US near parks. So I grew up hiking, skiing and just enjoying and appreciating the great outdoors.

When my husband and I first met, we really got into backpacking in Northern California. One of our favorite spots was the Trinity Alps. I’m telling you what, there is absolutely nothing like carrying a 40+lb backpack miles in and reaching your destination, away from civilization, and taking off your hiking boots…and just taking all the beauty in!! It’s literally like heaven on earth!! But, sadly, my thoughts were all around pouring that first glass of wine. Yup, we made SURE we had enough space in our backpacks to pack alcohol!! How backwards is that thinking? When you backpack you really have to pay close attention to your weight in your pack. I would painstakingly lay out all of my belongings, pack my backpack and weigh it. If it was over my limit, I would forego something (probably fairly important) to make sure I had the extra space for carrying my platypus full of red wine.

The other thing is that I convinced myself that hangovers never hurt near as bad when you’re on vacation. I think it was just part of my addicted brain excusing myself to drink even more. I can remember so many times, if I started drinking earlier in the day, I would be DONE by noon and half to “sleep it off”. How in the world is that relaxing and enjoying my vacation?? For one, I’m sleeping half of my days away and, second, being shit faced the majority of the time, I couldn’t recall most of the experiences!

I’m so over that!! We are taking our RV up to the mountains for 2 nights and this will be my 4th RV trip that alcohol is not in the equation. My love language is QUALITY TIME and there is nothing in this world that I treasure more than spending quality time with my husband, friends and my (fur) kids. And to make it even better, in the great outdoors and being completely in the moment and sober. I am truly blessed.

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