I wanted to post this to give a huge thank you to all my supporters throughout my journey. It has been instrumental having this support and am going to name some people by names! 😉

First and foremost, my husband, Klaus. He started this journey with me and remained alcohol free for about 60 days. He started drinking again, but he is one of those that can moderate. He has been BEYOND supportive from the very beginning. His inquisitive nature, asking questions along the way, trying to understand why I feel I can’t moderate, and supporting my decisions to join the sober communities and starting this blog, ALL have shown me his total devotion to me and our marriage. I seriously wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for him, so thank you, honey, from the bottom of my heart! 😘

My friend, Shari. Her and I have been friends for nearly 10 years and have been through a lot together. She has been by my side throughout this and saw early on how much I struggled with alcohol. She has told me that by sharing my journey with her and all I’ve learned (and all I’m still learning) that she has been able to use many of the techniques to help her. I love you to pieces Shari!! ❤️

Lastly, (but not near the end of my list) my amazing family! My mom and dad, my 3 brothers, my niece Andrea. Many didn’t know the depth of my addiction but are so open to hearing my story with no blame or questioning of how I’m becoming alcohol free.

I recently had a friend reach out to me that she is not getting support from her husband and it broke my heart. I have reached out to my awesome support group with TNM in hopes of getting some advice on how she can handle this. This just made me realize how blessed I am and I wanted to take time to say THANK YOU to my tribe! ❤️❤️

One response to “Support”

  1. Awww….you put your whole heart into this and your determination to do this and everything you do is so inspiring. You inspired me to start IF. I feel lucky because I reap all the benefits of all the research you do and then get to pick and choose how I can apply the things I’ve learned from in my own (non drinking) life. It’s amazing how much of it still applies. I love you to pieces and I cannot tell you how proud I am of you!!!

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