Writing letters

I started journaling early on in my journey. It started with typing my lessons in the notes’ section on my iPad. I started doing gratitude journaling there, too, but only very intermittently. The more I learned, the more I started realizing the benefits of journaling, but particularly hand written journaling. I then started this blog, which is pretty much my journal, just now I make it public. To date, I have 2 journals, one is my gratitude journal and also ideas for blog topics. My second journal is for writing daily lessons, putting down in words any thoughts I have, dreams or any random ideas just to help me get them out of my head and onto paper.

The purchasing of the journals is another special part. I searched online to find unique journals. I try to find ones with the best paper, so that it makes it even more enjoyable writing. I have one in my favorite color, blue, and the other is a beautiful leather bound journal that has refillable paper. I think finding the perfect journal is one of the most important things about journaling.

I then decided to purchase some blank note cards and I started sending love notes to my family and friends. Most recently, I purchased 100 birthday cards and have created a list of all my family and close friends’ birthdays.

It is part of my morning routine now. I settle down each morning, after doing a mindfulness practice, finishing my cup of coffee and either send out one handwritten note or a birthday card (if one is coming up). As I address the envelope and place the stamp, I envision the recipient getting their card in their mailbox a few days later and hope it gives them a thrill. I have received hand written notes back from a few of my family and friends, and I cannot begin to describe how much it means to me!

I’m surprised how much I am getting out of this. I was never the one to send out Christmas cards and as the years went on, I felt it was too late to start. But I’m learning as I grow older and wiser, it is absolutely never too late to start! I believe my mind and soul is being rewritten with each passing moment. I treasure the moments in my life and adding this tradition into my daily routine gives me nothing but pleasure, contentment and gratitude.


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