Approaching the holiday season

In my AF group, there has been a lot of talk and worry about the upcoming holiday season and how in the world we’re all going to survive without alcohol. It really got me thinking about how very sad this all is. That the holidays create so much stress in us that we need to turn to a numbing agent to help us get through it all. But also that this time is FIRST a time of celebration and most of us across the entire world seem to think that not having alcohol as a main staple on the dining room table is a crime.

I have always loved the holidays and especially Christmas. I have so many fond memories as a child celebrating Christmas with our rather large family. I can remember sharing with my mom that I didn’t want to stop believing in Santa Claus and reluctantly gave up the ghost in my early teens!!

This season for me will be the first time in my entire adult life that I will not be drinking alcohol during the festivities. No wine at the Thanksgiving feast. No eggnog during Christmas decorating or at holiday parties. No champagne ringing in the New Year. And certainly none of my favorite red wine to celebrate my birthday the first week in January. I’m actually not frightened at all. I’m looking at is as a challenge to see how I’ll fair during it all. I have plans of providing AF drinks for myself and others who want to partake. I have no desire to drink alcohol and am actually looking forward to this holiday season.

Mostly, I’m looking forward to celebrating each holiday with a clear mind and being able to remember everything. To wake up the day after without a hangover. To be able to enjoy time off away from work with family and friends completely engaged and present. To be able to enjoy my favorite time of year just like when I was a child who still believed in Santa Claus. Heck, if I admit it I still believe in him and all he represents. Hope, anticipation, promise, faith. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Happy holidays everyone and cheers to life and happiness.

One response to “Approaching the holiday season”

  1. dianeb89345ed70 Avatar

    Lovely blog post Jennifer!! I’m with you as I plan to enjoy this holiday season completely alcohol free!! I have no desire to back step after coming this far in my path forward!! I am loving the “feelings” of living life with a clear head and no self-induced pain!!

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