Yes, I’m going to talk about bowel movements!!

I’ve always had problems with constipation, related to my low back issues and plus taking the pain pills just added to it. I noticed an improvement almost immediately when I stopped drinking, but it was short lived. However, over the past month I have become very regular!! I have a BM every day or every other day, without having to take any laxatives or aides.

I remember way back when I worked in a physical rehab facility, the nurses would talk about the bladder and bowel program we’d have our patients on and they’d say “they’re having a bowel movement every day or every other day”, and I honestly thought to myself “well that seems excessive!!” When I was lucky to have one once a week!!

I have also increased my water intake, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. I am drinking around 160oz of water daily. There’s a lot of research out there now about gut health and knowing that alcohol is a diarrhetic, I’m convinced that alcohol is related to constipation. I am hoping that this continues and will keep ya’ll posted!

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