AA or not

I just want to put out there a few thoughts about AA. First of all, I have family members and friends who have joined AA and it’s literally saved their lives. To date, AA has saved thousands of people. I think everyone has their own idea about what AA looks like and it may or may not turn you on. My own thought was that I didn’t think I looked like a stereotypical member of AA. I always envisioned people that hit “rock bottom”. Drinking the first thing in the morning, having a bottle of vodka (because you know people can’t smell that???) hidden in your purse, or your desk at work, homeless, no job, etc. Heck, I was only drinking a bottle of wine a night (minimum)…surely I don’t need AA. The other thing is what we’ve all seen in the movies, going to some basement of a church and having to stand up in front of a group of strangers admitting “I’m an alcoholic”, might very well be quite intimidating to many of us. But all my readings indicate that you do whatever you need to do to get off alcohol. They all suggest going to an AA meeting, see what it’s all about. To date, I have never gone and I don’t think I will. I was fortunate to find myself good groups online, that worked for ME. That’s the point, do what works for you! If you feel like you want AA, online, create your own support group, and/or do your own blog (like me), and that’s what is going to keep you from drinking, then by all means do it all!

2 responses to “AA or not”

  1. I went to private counseling. My Physician sent me to a really great Therapist at LLV. She had her office in her home which made me feel very comfortable. She helped me so much. I still see her monthly. What helped me the most was her analysis of my sensitive soul and how priceless it is to love so deeply and that the alcohol (in my case wine) was masking my acceptance that it was ok to cry and grieve. I hope this helps with anyone struggling to get counseling.


    1. That is so beautiful Linda and thank you so much for sharing!! I see how true it is how much we mask our emotions with alcohol, and that includes the good emotions!!

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